"Would you like to work in a team where giving and receiving feedback is the norm? Where courageous conversations are actively welcomed? Where team members are genuinely interested in helping each other to be the best they can be?"

"Would you like to work from your unique strengths and tap into the wisdom of your team members so that you are able to work more effectively and with much more enjoyment and satisfaction?"

"Would you like to be able to co-create a vision and strategy with your team more easily and translate them into tangible results?"

Case Study on Team Coaching

Johanna: COO of a small international pharmaceutical company

The Challenge

The leadership team of a small international pharmaceutical company was under great pressure. The eight executives (Research & Development, Production, Marketing & Sales, IT, Finance, Supply Chain, HR, Compliance) had been hand-picked eleven months ago to lead the business but results were on the decline. Instead of working smarter, everyone was working harder within their own individual silos, not able to co-create or set priorities as a team. The team leader – the COO – realised that she and the team needed help.

The Approach

Together with the COO, I designed a series of off-site events. Each one targeted a specific aspect of team development, such as building a team culture, becoming skilled at co-creation and setting and achieving team goals. During each event, the team worked on real and pressing business issues (budgets, reorganisation, increasing sales) while simultaneously getting to know each other through targeted activities such as storytelling and feedback.

The Impact

As a result of the initiative, team members reported a higher level of mutual trust, felt more in step as a team and were more comfortable asking for and giving feedback. The team was able to redesign internal processes, resulting in a 20% increase in time to market. People engagement scores increased by 0.9 points.