Maaike Poulussen

Executive coach / Consultant

I help senior executives to navigate their way successfully through the dynamics in and around the boardroom. By becoming more self-aware, they are able to identify and leverage their personal power and presence and increase their effectiveness as leaders. They are able to engender a sense of openness and trust in others, thereby allowing critical business decisions to be made more quickly and facilitating smooth and efficient implementation.

“I had some difficulties with my co-director. Maaike has an air of quiet authority that made me feel very secure talking to her about my feelings and allowed me to look more deeply into myself and my motivations. As a result, my relationship with my co-director has improved and I have used Maaike’s problem-solving tools in other areas of my life as well. I am less wary of confrontation and now see it as a means for improving a difficult situation.”


CEO, of a NGO in the UK

“Thanks to Maaike’s 360┬░ feedback sessions, I became aware of my blind spots in my leadership behaviour during the merger I was heading up. As a result, I switched my leadership style to one that was more co-creative and less prescriptive. It made all the difference to how my board was able to commit to and implement this huge change.”


Managing Director, of a renewable energy company

Maaike helped me to become more self-assured so that I was able to make the move from senior manager to board member. I am now much more confident, have created better working relationships with my co-workers and have become more impactful, approachable and visible as the CEO of our company.”


Vice President, of a niche player in the food industry